The Limited Liability Company "ESP Polymer" is the leader in manufacturing and supplying of polymer materials for industrial coating.

The company
  • develops, manufactures and sells epoxy and polyurethane compositions for industrial coatings
  • conducts scientific, research and experimental work in the field of polymer chemistry for different branches of Industry.

The structure of the company:

Department of Finance
Department of Commerce
Polymer materials and compositions production factory
Scientific and Research Center
Technical Control Department

Our company offers latest advanced materials and technology to meet most important technical, ecological and economic challenges.
The whole range of the "ESP Polymer" products is manufactured according to own unique compositions, using hi-tech equipment and best raw materials.

The "ESP Polymer" factory produces all materials and compositions under the Registered Trade Mark "ESP" ®. The Registered Trade Mark is the symbol of company's stability, reliability and high quality of manufactured goods.
Due to electronic system of color selection and control the factory can produce up to 5000 tons per year of wide color spectrum materials.
There is a necessary quantity of raw materials for non-stop performance in storage in the factory's warehouse . The quality of materials from each lot is tested by the Technical Control Department and certified with a special quality Certificate.
"ESP Polymer" can develop materials and select systems of coating meeting the customer' s demand.
We have already developed expedited polymerization materials, uprated elasticity and resistance to certain types of aggressive chemical conditions materials, and materials with other special characteristics.

"ESP" products comprise more than 70 items- materials and compositions - for construction, repairing and reconstruction of industrial floors and surface protection.
Ecological and fire security, hygiene, radiological resistance are confirmed with corresponding certificates.

The"ESP" materials have the following advantages:
  • simplicity in floor coating- the possibility not to use special machines or devices
  • more than 15 years service life
  • vapor permeability of water systems
  • warranty according to state standards and building specifications.

Main characteristics of the "ESP" coatings.
  • seamless, dust-free, easy to clean and to decontaminate
  • high compression, bending, breakage strength; abrasion resistance, vibration strength, static, dynamic and impact stress resistance , chemical and radiation immunity
  • high adhesion with metal, concrete and other surfaces
  • high endurability under the operation of fuel and lubricants, acid and alkali solutions, wide range (plus and minus) temperature attacks, mechanical stress
  • gas-vapor imperviousness for organically diluted compositions, gas-vapor permeability for water diluted compositions
  • hygienic and physiological inertness
  • environmental friendliness, fungi and putrefaction bacteria safety
  • decorative properties, possibility to put a picture on the surface.

A big variety of operational characteristics of the "ESP"coatings, rich color palette and possibility to make a decorative design extend the range of their application.

"ESP" polymer floors are in operation in Russia, Kazakhstan and Republic of Belarus.

In shortest terms the company can supply polymer materials for floor installation to industrial or civil construction sites in any place of Russia, as well as provide instruction for their installation.
Our customers are biggest Russian and international construction and investment companies, developers and property owners.
5 основных
покрытий ESP®
1.Надежность и долговечность
3.Привлекательный внешний вид
4.Соответствие всем требованиям по гигиеничности и безопасности
5.Возможность применения на любых объектах промышленного и гражданского назначения
5 причин
в ЕСП-Полимер
1.Собственное производство работает бесперебойно и гарантирует поставку материала в кратчайшие сроки.
2.Реализованные проекты являются гарантией качества материалов ESP®.
3.Бесплатные консультации и выезд специалиста на объект.
4.Предоставление готовых технических решений для конкретных объектов.
5.Устройство промышленных полов ESP® квалифицированными специалистами.
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